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22.01.1977, Tallinn, Estonia
Tartu, Estonia

tonis.kimmel [at]

+371 52 56 329
I was born in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Most part of my life i have been living in a green suburb of Tallinn called Nõmme. After finishing Art Academy and working some years in private architecture studios. During these years, most important building is Tallinn new synagogue. I'm now living in Tartu, to give a hand to Tartu city architect for some years.

In architecture I like to create new emotional spaces, to give the commission needed spacial output with unexpected architectural means. That's why I have still not developed my style. Every project arises from the specific environment to fit  that  spot and of course that specific commissioner. I like teamwork, to work in discussion. You rarely find a project, I can declare to be the sole author of. Right now my main interest is towards landscape architecture, especially the Catalonian school (RCR Arquitectes, to name one). Working in city architects office allows me to deal more with furbishing the city's public space.

I prefer ecologically motivated solutions in everyday life and in architecture. When it's possible, I go by bike. When possible, I suggest using ecological solutions.


WWCOT Shanghai, China
             See projects involved in my Portfolio.
2007-2009Tartu College of Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu Art College
Guest lecturer
2005–2010Tartu City Government, Department of Architecture and Building
             Main tasks are connected with design of public space, consulting building projects of all scales, organizing architectural competitions, counselling apartment societies on design. Biggest present activity is city's main pedestrian street redevelopment design.
             / + private practice outside the municipality.
2002–2006KOKO architects, Tallinn
             See projects done there in my Portfolio.
Indrek Näkk architects, Tallinn
             See projects done there in my Portfolio.




Talinn Secondary School No 7 (now Tallinn English College)
           / English specialized education
Tallinn King Gustav Adolf Grammar School

           / Swedish language specialised course.

Higher education

Master of Architecture and Urban Planning
           / Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
            / Master thesis: Anatomy of Intervention.
                                             Based on the experience of Kowloon Walled City  (2002)
            / Published:      Ehituskunst 41/42 (2003)

Selection of workshops and seminars

2008    International Union of Architects XXIII World Congress of Architecture in Torino
2007    Planning of the residential area in 1 Ihaste põik, Tartu
2006    Planning of the Raadi airport area and surrounding urban area of the new Estonian National Museum
2005    6th Biennial of European Cities and Urban Planners (Alive and Creative European Cities) in Copenhagen.


Mother tongue:
Reading, conversation:
Less skilled:
Basic idea:

Russian, Spanish
Swedish, French
Finnish, Japanese, German

Computer skills


Image editing      
Photoshop, Gimp, Hugin panorama sticher
3D Google Sketchup, 3DStudiomax, 3DBlender
Other, MS Office


Architecture photography

My photo galleries can be found here:
     Modern Tartu
     20th century Tartu

History of Estonia's contemporary architecture.


Map of contemporary architecture of my present hometown Tartu.

Traveller's Guide: Tartu City Centre. Due in October 2009. In co-operation with architecture historian Mart Siilivask.

Several articles in Estonian architecture magazine "Maja".

Now a project is being carried out to map most important 20th century architectural masterpieces of Tartu province. The work is due to complete in 2009 and is done in cooperation with architecture historian Egle Tamm.


Modern architecture travelling
. Most of my trips finally come out as modern architecture sightseeing. My favourite destinations: the Netherlands and Spain, especially the city of Barcelona. My last trip was to Catalonia's small town Olot, where architecture studio RCR Arquitectes has completed many very inspiring projects.  I have also been to Italy (Torino region), Paris, Copenhagen, Nordic Countries and of course in our neighbouring Russia.

Travelling. I'm especially fond of travelling. Besides Europe I have been to Mexico,  India and Tunisia. Most intriguing was an ethnographic expedition to the Finno-Ugric Nenets people on Yamal Peninsula (North-Russia) I attended in 1996. Besides doing some trips outside Europe, I would like to go more profoundly into experiencing Europe itself.

Other hobbies: listening to 20th century classical music, experimental theatre, gardening, hiking, numismatics. My passion is bee-keeping – I inherited some beehives in my suburban garden in Tallinn.

Sports: swimming, cycling, hiking, taiji chuan.